Google Changes Search Engine Advertising 

Google Changes Search Engine Advertising

There’s no question that Google has a huge impact on the digital marketing landscape, and is the first place consumers go when they need to find a product or service. This means that ad space on Google is valuable real estate, and that where and how you show up on the search engine results pages can be a game changer.

This week Google confirmed that it would be changing the layout of its search engine results page. The site will no longer display ads on the right and will instead display four ads at the top. This may seem minor, but in the world of advertising and marketing it means businesses and agencies will have to redefine how they navigate Google.

Though this calls for a change, the industry is still unsure as to what this change means for online advertising and marketing. Many are saying it may be a bad thing, and that it will drive prices up for ad space and raise bids for key words. Google says that the changes will make for more optimized and efficient user experience.

Regardless of what kind of changes Google’s experimentation will bring for search engine advertising, Strategic Marketing will be there to help our clients properly strategize and get the most for their advertising dollars.

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