Google AdWords Isn’t Perfect | Disadvantages of Adwords

Google AdWords Isn’t Perfect

Google AdWords

What is Google AdWords?

Google created its paid advertising program, AdWords, to enable businesses to compete for online ads. In this system, advertisers bid on certain keywords that are relevant to their business, products or services in order to be displayed in Google search results.

The key to having your ads appear is to ensure you have a high quality score. Quality score is essentially how well an ad, ad group, landing page and keyword relate to each other and to the specific search a user performs. Once your quality score is determined, Google places ads based on ad rank, which is a combination of your quality score and the amount that you bid on a specific keyword.

Despite the advantages of the program, AdWords isn’t for everyone. Before you spend marketing dollars on this popular pay-per-click (PPC) advertising method, there are some disadvantages to the program that should be taken into consideration.

Google Specific

The most apparent disadvantage is that AdWords is specific to Google. In other words, the keywords that you’re bidding on and the ads you’re paying to have displayed are potentially viewed only by Google users. While Google is the most popular search engine, you are missing out on people who are using other popular search engines, such as Yahoo! or Bing. In total, you would be missing out on roughly 30% of all searches by advertising with only AdWords.

Optimization Can be Timely

You have to manually optimize your ads, landing pages, keywords and target areas (just to name a few factors) regularly in order for an AdWords campaign to stay successful in the competitive market Google has helped create. In fact, 53% of small businesses only optimize keywords once per quarter. You may also make the mistake of taking down certain landing pages while still directing traffic to them and vice versa, resulting in errors and decreased campaign performance. Un-optimized campaigns and overlooked mistakes can be rectified; however, they may have already cost you a lot of your budget.

AdWords Doesn’t Work Optimally with Niche Searches

Even though you may be advertising on one of the largest search engines available, your ads may not make it in front of your target audience. AdWords focuses on providing users with the most relevant ads based on specific search terms or phrases; therefore, if your business has broad ads marketing multiple products or services, you may not rank in the search results. For example, a sign company that provides everything from vinyl decals to trade show displays may not appear in a general search for “banners” because of the specific services that are being advertised.

Strategic Marketing offers a solution to the specific and costly nature of Google AdWords. Our PPC marketing platform, SmartClick, manages your paid advertising campaigns across all of the major search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Compared to paying for clicks and having to optimize your campaign manually in AdWords, our platform automatically optimizes itself based on specific keywords that generate conversions and adjusts your budget accordingly. You are also able to track impressions, phone calls, clicks and web events through its robust reporting. Contact Strategic Marketing today to learn more about our PPC advertising services and how we can help maximize your ROI.

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