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Engagement Strategy

Engagement is now a standardized advertising buzzword that emerged from the development of the Digital Age.  For advertisers, audience engagement is often presented and encouraged through brand interactivity.  The implementation of consumer engagement in marketing can often be the difference between cashing in a one-time purchase and creating an army of word-of-mouth brand enthusiasts.

Television has been and will continue to be a key platform for advertisers.  Yet studies show that, in increasing numbers, television viewers are looking at one or more other screens while watching television.  As a response, advertisers have turned to the world of the “second screen” to better reach the consumer and generate engagement.  “Second screen” is defined by online tech news site Mashable as “the use of an additional monitor—such as a tablet or smartphone—while watching television.  It allows the audience to interact with what they’re viewing, whether it is a television show, video game, or movie.”  Second screen technology is now being widely-used by advertisers to display extra data on a portable device that is synchronized with the content being viewed on television.

Research shows that one of the most common second screens utilized by consumers is the smartphone.  To date, more than 100 second screen apps have been developed for the smartphone.  In fact, NBC just announced that it will deliver two complementary apps for their London Olympics coverage available for tablets, iPhone, and Android smartphones.   The NBC Olympics Live Companion app is designed to allow users to pull up stats and extra information while they watch the coverage.  This use of second screen will give advertisers an additional opportunity to reach their target audiences.

Going forward, effective advertising will need a different and more dynamic approach to continue to influence the consumer.  The right marketing and advertising strategy is a vital key to the success of any size organization.  Strategic Marketing has the knowledge and experience to assist you in effectively promoting your brand.  Contact them today at (561) 688-8155.