Direct Mail Marketing Isn't Dead | Why It Still Works

Direct Mail Marketing Isn’t Dead

direct mail marketing

If You’ve Forgotten About Direct Mail Marketing, You’re Missing Out!

You may be thinking with all of the digital and internet marketing trends that direct mail marketing has faded into the abyss; however, this is not the case at all. According to research from ICOM, younger consumers, ages 18 to 34, actually prefer direct mail over digital or online marketing offers and incentives. That’s quite impressive considering how tech-savvy and digitally focused today’s marketplace is. Another recent statistic regarding direct mail confirms that 41% of consumers over the age of 65 do not use the internet at all, or use it very minimally.

If you’re a company pouring the majority of your marketing dollars into online and digital marketing tactics, you may be missing out on a large segment of prospective customers. If you’re still not convinced that direct mail marketing is one of the most powerful methods to grow your business and increase sales, we’ve put together a list of why direct mail marketing still works.


Brand Awareness

Most brands (including your competitors) are utilizing social media, email marketing and other digital strategies to increase brand awareness. With so many different platforms and other companies competing for consumers’ attention, it can be a difficult task just getting your brand noticed. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 80% of consumers open almost all of their mail, including what we often consider to be “junk mail.” The same cannot be said for email marketing, as only 45% of consumers act on promotional emails. So even though direct mail is also a competitive strategy, it is likely to be more effective in getting your brand noticed and messaging heard by your target audience.



The most obvious characteristic of direct mail is that it is tangible, which happens to be its most valuable asset as well. With tangible collateral, consumers are also more likely to establish a connection with your brand. This also means that they are more likely to remember your product or service when they are in need of it. Since you are in control of who receives your direct mail marketing material, you’re able to personalize it to not only establish a connection with consumers, but are also capable of building a relationship with them. With the right direct mail strategy, you can turn new customers into returning customers.


Digital Integration

As effective as direct mail marketing is, you still need to be present online. The beauty of direct mail in a digital age is that both campaigns can be seamlessly integrated for an all-encompassing marketing strategy. The best direct mail strategies leverage online data to influence consumers and vice versa. For example, sending direct mail to a consumer who recently visited your website, researched your product or abandoned an online shopping cart may be just the incentive they need to follow through on the purchase cycle.


Do Direct Mail Marketing the Right Way – Turn to the Experts

At Strategic Marketing, we have a wealth of experience in both digital and traditional marketing strategies. We will work with you throughout your campaign to establish your goals and produce results that maximize your ROI. By creating a strategically targeted customer list and developing the most creative mailing materials, your brand won’t get overlooked. Contact us today to learn more!

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