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Digital Outdoor Advertising

Digital Outdoor Advertising is revolutionizing the outdoor advertising industry.  New trends and emerging technologies are making billboard advertising effective and affordable for businesses of all sizes, and with new screens popping up around the country every week, now is a great time to put your brand on the big screen in the great outdoors.

Modern digital billboards have a myriad of features that give them the capability to capture an audience with their eye catching qualities.  Digital billboards can present different advertisements throughout the day, and can feature moving pictures and text.  These dynamic screens can even feature video or scroll through Tweets, all of which capture onlookers’ attention.  The content for digital billboards can be created quickly and production costs are much lower than traditional billboards since no manufacturing is required.  But perhaps digital billboards’ most important asset is that they can be updated in real time.

Imagine having a billboard that changes depending on the weather or traffic conditions, if there is a big sporting event that day, or because your business is offering a special.  The possibilities are endless, and most importantly, your business is actively reaching your audience.  Another use of the most modern advertising methods is the ability to post live Tweets on your billboard advertisement.  These real-time methods of advertising allow you to engage your audience in a timely manner.

Traditional static billboards are a proven medium that have served many advertisers well over the years.  However, they can be expensive, and they cannot be easily changed or modified. On the other hand, digital billboards much more affordable, can be easily changed, and can have more information displayed since the text and images can move.  Above all, digital billboards are dynamic and actively engage the viewer.  This visual experience, coupled with real-time technology afforded by the internet, has made digital outdoor advertising an effective, savvy method of reaching consumers.  Strategic Marketing can help you get your brand and message on the newest wave of dynamic outdoor advertising available.  Call them at (561) 688-8155.