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Case Studies

ARS Arbitration Resolution Services

For the vast majority of individuals in the United States, disagreements or disputes wind up in lawsuits and courts, costing everyone a lot of time and money.

ARS offers a better alternative to resolving disputes and they asked us to help launch their online presence of the brand.

Net Effect

Net Effect Insect Repellent

The Net Effect product has been sold under many labels in the International marketplace for decades and are now ready to bring the product to the U.S. The distributor needed brand refinement in both look and messaging for the US marker, as well as an online presence with e-commerce, collateral and sales and displays; all focused on what makes them different from any other widely used insect repellents. The launch is posed to rollout in late 2015.

The logo is their new look.

The came to us with this:

Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer of South Florida

A long-standing client of ours, this franchise owner originally brought us on to revitalize their television marketing. We reworked his media schedule and increased the efficiency of his budget by 60%. We then renegotiated all of his print media saving by another 12%. In the years since, we’ve handled all of the direct mall creative and fulfilment and brought his business into the online space generating an entirely new source of lead generation via, Pay Per Click, SEO, Local search and maps listings and website conversion optimization.

His online review rating is now at 4.76 out of 5.

Capitol Carpet and Tile

We began working for Capitol Carpet & Tile in 1994, the owner, Lou Morano, had been through four advertising agencies in as many years with disappointing results. He was resigned to the notion that he’s have to handle all his advertising and marketing in-house and was reluctant to even give us a chance. We began primary media, to reach his target audience if women 35+. Capitol Carpet & Tile is now the largest flooring retailer in Palm Beach County with five locations and he is still our clinet.

Over the years we’ve added direct mail and digital content as appropriate, while maintaining their popular and fun television campaigns. Even when the flooring industry has been flat nationwide, Capitol Carpet and Tile has been up, in fact when it was its worst, CCT was up more than 17%.

Lou Morano and his Mom, Loretta have been somewhat local celebrities because of the commercials. He has receives a large business from Mar-a-Lago because Donald Trump saw one of the TV spots, liked it and sent the club manager into one of the stores to select new carpet for the Palm Beach landmark.

Juvent Sports

Juvent Technologies

Juvent Technologies manufactures a medical device in the health and fitness space for consumers and professional athletes.

Under new ownership, the company needed rebranding for the corporation and its various target segments.

We created a corporate umbrella brand as well as the identities, collateral, tradeshow elements and website presence for all of the divisions that fell under that umbrella while leveraging celebrity endorsements.

The came to us with this: