Did Customer Service Die Along With Chivalry? - Strategic Marketing

Did Customer Service Die Along With Chivalry?

The good news we have to report is that no, customer service is not dead. It is very much alive and well and it’s an essential component of any successful business model. In a highly competitive market where consumers have such a wide selection of vendors to choose from, customer service can be the factor that brings customers back to you again and again.

When a product is of the same quality no matter where it’s sold, like a particular brand of computer keyboard or car tire, customer service can be what brings customers to your store instead of your competitor’s. There are a number of customers who would pay a slightly higher price if it meant receiving outstanding service. In some cases the service doesn’t even have to be outstanding; it just has to be friendly. If a customer can buy a decent ham sandwich from anyone in town, why would he go to the guy who greets him with a grunt and makes him feel like an interruption rather than a guest? If you’re serving the world’s most fantastic ham sandwich assembled since the advent of sandwiches, maybe you can afford to be a little grumpy, but otherwise, why wouldn’t you serve it with a smile?

After you’ve invested your valuable time and hard-earned money into developing a good product and a successful marketing strategy, be sure to follow up with a great customer service philosophy. It can make a big difference to your bottom line.