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Dealing with Common Consumer Complaints

Everyone has had a bad experience with a business at one time or another. While business owners may think that they are doing everything in their power to avoid these scenarios, negative reviews still make their way on the internet. Reviews are now one of the main factors consumers use when making purchase decisions and are a top ranking factor for major search engines. It is important to your company’s success that negative reviews and consumer complaints are handled appropriately to avoid damaging your reputation. Below are few of the most common consumer complaints and how your company should deal with them.

1. Personnel Complaints
Rude or neglectful employees give customers the motivation to complain and possibly leave a trail of negative online reviews. After all, a customer ranting about a rude employee reflects just as badly on your business as it does on the employee, especially if nothing is being done to handle the situation. When responding to consumer complaints regarding an employee, you should assure them that the matter is being addressed and offer a way to discuss their concerns in more detail offline. Holding regular company-wide meetings may be helpful in reiterating to all employees the importance of customer service to the livelihood of the business and its employees. Communicate to employees the level of customer service that is needed in order to avoid complaints in the future.

2. Long Lines & Wait Times
Sometimes waiting is inevitable; however customers are not usually interested in hearing excuses when their tight schedules are thrown off track. Prevent consumer complaints by thanking the customer for their patience and let them know you understand their frustrations (after all, you most likely have experienced this issue firsthand elsewhere). Sharing with the customer what your business is doing to prevent this problem in the future or what you are putting in place that will improve their next visit or phone call will also keep a potentially disgruntled customer from complaining online.

3. Unhappy with your Product or Service
Consumer complaints that occur after purchases are often a result of unfulfilled expectations of your business’s product or service. While it is disheartening to hear that your product or service did not make a customer happy, it is valuable feedback that can help identify quality control issues that need to be addressed. Offering an exchange or refund, discounts on other products or services, or some other concession are ways to win back an unhappy customer or client. If issues involving your product or service are trending, perhaps you need a stronger quality assurance process or increased training for your employees. Consumer complaints about your service or product often help you discover and correct an underlying issue that you may not have been aware of.

The internet provides an easily accessible outlet for consumers to voice their opinions and frustrations. This has made online reviews and reputation management an important part of digital marketing campaigns. Being able to quickly address consumer complaints allows your company to maintain a positive online reputation while making improvements to your product or service, and more importantly preventing future complaints. Luckily, you’re not alone. Strategic Marketing has helped many companies manage their online reviews and systematically address consumer complaints. We transform the process of managing your online reputation into a simplified digital experience. Contact us today to learn more!

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