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Daily Deal Developments

It’s been a while since my last blog on daily deal sites. Noteworthy of late are two new niches that have cropped up in this growing industry. For those who have bought daily deals on impulse and then later regretted their decision, you are not alone. According to Daily Deal Media, twenty percent of deals go unused. There’s now a convenient way to dispose of your deal along with your buyer’s remorse. Resell them on resale sites that broker between those who bought vouchers and no longer want them and those that missed out on a deal. Some of the sites gaining in popularity are Lifesta.com, Dealsgoround.com and Couprecoup.com.

Another new development is daily deal mega sites that aggregate daily deals from many different deal sites and put them in one convenient location. Instead of signing up with many different deal sites, you sign up with just one that pulls all the deals from the different sites.  Some of the more popular aggregators are Yipit, DealGator and Dealsurf. On Yipit’s website, for example, they claim that they are pulling deals from 482 deal sites in Miami, Fl.

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