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Co-Branding, The Way of the Future

When you think of Kellogg’s, you think Frosted Flakes or Fruit Loops, but now one brand name isn’t enough for big companies. Big brands like Kellogg’s, Kraft and Betty Crocker are creating co-branded products. Will two household names make for a better product?

Most recently Kellogg’s released its new cereal made with famous Jif peanut butter, everyone’s favorite PB&J spread. Adding Jif’s already sterling reputation to the mix will create a lot of buzz for the cereal. The only problem is will it be competing with Multi-Grain Peanut Butter cheerios already on the market?

Even fast food and quick service restaurants are starting to co-brand new products. Kraft teamed up with Taco Bell to create a Southwest Ranch, kicking the popular salad dressing up a notch. Sports bar, Buffalo Wild Wings, collaborated with Frito-Lay’s Ruffle’s bringing us Hot Wing potato chips. Maybe these buffalo flavored chips will be easier to dip!

How do you feel about bathing in food? An interesting combination from Dial is hitting stores: Froyo Cooling Body Wash. I bet you have always dreamt of swimming in ice cream, well now you can be covered from head-to-toe in delectable frozen yogurt flavors. Another unique collaboration is with Jelly Belly and Tabasco, two conflicting flavors of sweet and spicy in one, with Tabasco Dark Chocolate Jelly Beans. That might be too much flavor for one stomach to handle.

By combining two big brand names this could create a big opportunity through introducing a product to different markets. Should be interesting to see what new co-branded items big names are cooking up next.