Juvent Technologies

Juvent Technologies manufactures a medical device in the health and fitness space for consumers and professional athletes.
Under new ownership, the company needed rebranding for the corporation and its various target segments.

To achieve this objective, we created a corporate umbrella brand as well as identities, printed materials, tradeshow elements and website presence for all of the divisions that fell under that umbrella while leveraging celebrity endorsements.

They came to us with this:

Case Studies Juvent Technologies

ARS Arbitration Resolution Services

For the vast majority of individuals in the United States, disagreements or disputes often wind up in lawsuits and courtrooms, costing everyone a lot of time and money.

ARS offers a better alternative to resolving disputes, and they asked us to help launch the online presence of their brand.

ARS Arbitration Resolution Services

Net Effect Insect Repellent

The Net Effect product has been sold under many labels in the international marketplace for decades, and the distributor is now introducing the product to the U.S. The product needed brand refinement in both look and messaging for the U.S. market, as well as an online presence with e-commerce, and all focused on what makes them different from any other widely used insect repellent. 

The logo to the right is their new look.

They came to us with this:

Net effect logo