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Chipotle Cultivating a Better World

This year Chipotle took home the prize of PR Grand Prix at the 2014 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Chipotle created another hit with its “Cultivating a Better World” slogan. The ad called “The Scarecrow” is a scary depiction of the industrial food business.

Scarecrow wakes up every day and commutes from his small farm to the big city to work for CrowFoods Inc., a huge factory supplying chicken, beef and pork. Each day, Scarecrow grows tired of the meat factory until one day he sees what kind of meat is actually going out to CrowFoods customers. When doing a couple of odd construction jobs he seeing how poorly the animals are being treated and the hormones that are being pumped into “fresh” meat. He realizes CrowFoods is ultimately harming the people and he decides to make a change by taking his own farm fresh produce to create a new place to eat in the city.

This ad really makes you think about how the food industry often labels their food “fresh” but it’s not; it’s overly processed and chemically treated. By calling out the rest of the industry, Chipotle clearly wants to make it known that it stands apart, it makes sure the food they sell at their restaurants is farm-to-table and hormone free.

In the background you can hear the song “Pure Imagination” originally recorded for the film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but the version used here is a despondent cover by Fiona Apple. The song guides us through the Scarecrow’s discovery and solution, all the while reminding us we can escape the reality of our current food situation by supporting brands that uphold higher quality standards, like Chipotle. The restaurant chain is proclaiming their vision for change in the food industry and, with commercials like this one, leaves it up to the consumer to make that change happen by voting with the almighty dollar.

At the very least, with another winning ad Chipotle is “cultivating a better world” by raising awareness about the current issues within the food industry and how they are setting themselves apart from the competition. As Willy Wonka said “want to change the world, there’s nothing to it.”