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Google Removes Text Ads from Right Side of SERP

In February of 2016, Google confirmed it is removing ads that are shown on the right side of desktop search results. This means the total number of text ads that can appear on a SERP will shrink from as many as 11 to a maximum of seven. With less real estate available we expected to […]

Would You Like That for Here or to Go?

Americans are a quick-moving people. We like three-minute microwave meals and 20-minute workouts. Most of us have begun texting instead of phoning because who has time to wait for the phone to ring six times? And leaving a voicemail? Forget about it – voicemail takes too long to check. While these may be extreme examples […]

Customers Beget Customers

Many business owners will tell you that the most effective advertisement in the world is a chatty customer who is pleased with a product. Harley-Davidson is making good use of this resource by combining the best of two worlds; they’re taking old fashioned word of mouth and mixing it with modern social media to create […]

Quiz: Is Your Business a Social Butterfly or Stuck in a Cocoon?

Quiz: Is Your Business a Social Butterfly or Stuck in a Cocoon? 1. My business has been on Facebook: a) for quite some time now b) it’s not yet, but I’d like it to be c) I thought Facebook was only good for looking at pictures of my sister’s neighbor’s hairdresser’s nephew 2. My Pinterest […]