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Google Removes Text Ads from Right Side of SERP

In February of 2016, Google confirmed it is removing ads that are shown on the right side of desktop search results. This means the total number of text ads that can appear on a SERP will shrink from as many as 11 to a maximum of seven. With less real estate available we expected to […]

SmartLink Announces the Launch of

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL , October 8, 2015 – SmartLink Internet Strategies has launched an informational and e-commerce website for NET effect™, a roll-on insect repellent. The user-friendly site caters to individuals who enjoy the outdoors, but not the inconvenience of using the traditional aerosol bug sprays. NET effect™, provides a convenient solution for the […]

Why Hire a Full-Service Marketing Agency?

With so many self-serve marketing solutions available to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) today, it is easy to see why a business owner might want to keep all marketing efforts in-house.  After all, no one else knows a business like the owner.  So does the advent of marketing solutions like paid search, programmatic media buying, […]

Tips for Attracting Hispanic Consumers

  The Hispanic population of the United States has been steadily growing over the last few years and is projected to keep growing rapidly. Studies indicate that U.S. Hispanic consumers spend more on a daily basis than do non-Hispanics, with their retail and consumer-packaged-goods purchases projected to amount to $1.5 trillion in 2015. Simply put, […]

Weaving Public Relations into your Digital Presence

With the boom of social media, most businesses have leaped into the digital space to add to their marketing mix. And with the rapidly changing digital landscape, it’s challenging to keep up. The phrase “content marketing” has replaced the well-established term “editorial content,” but if you want to create a buzz around your business, public […]

Shark Week Takes a Bite Out of Marketing

The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is making a big splash in social media and marketing. After its 29 million viewer premiere, this year’s Shark Week is trending with over 10 million interactions on Facebook alone. Big names like Dunkin Donuts, Hot Pockets and Gillete our sinking their teeth into Shark Week marketing. Food and beverage […]

Appealing to Consumers

As a result of active and demanding schedules, many of us are going mobile. Consumers want to be able to easily access business services online or information from their cellular device. That’s why having a mobile app for your business is imperative for today’s on-the-go lifestyle. Take Walgreens for example. Walgreens’ app allows the consumer […]

Keep it Clean, Kids

Lee and Morty Kaufman are getting a lot of attention lately. At 90 years old, Mr. and Mrs. Kaufman are the real-life couple and stars of Procter & Gamble’s “Swiffer Effect” TV commercial that features the couple dancing, Swiffering and just generally being adorable. Consumers are certainly enjoying the spot; it’s been viewed over 5 […]

Would You Like That for Here or to Go?

Americans are a quick-moving people. We like three-minute microwave meals and 20-minute workouts. Most of us have begun texting instead of phoning because who has time to wait for the phone to ring six times? And leaving a voicemail? Forget about it – voicemail takes too long to check. While these may be extreme examples […]