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Shark Week Takes a Bite Out of Marketing

The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is making a big splash in social media and marketing. After its 29 million viewer premiere, this year’s Shark Week is trending with over 10 million interactions on Facebook alone. Big names like Dunkin Donuts, Hot Pockets and Gillete our sinking their teeth into Shark Week marketing. Food and beverage […]

Chipotle Cultivating a Better World

This year Chipotle took home the prize of PR Grand Prix at the 2014 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Chipotle created another hit with its “Cultivating a Better World” slogan. The ad called “The Scarecrow” is a scary depiction of the industrial food business. Scarecrow wakes up every day and commutes from his small […]

Dove Isn’t Selling Soap

Question: If most soaps work pretty well and all of them smell equally fresh and clean, how do you make yours stand out? Answer: You don’t sell the soap, you sell an idea. Dove stopped selling soap years ago when it began selling an image instead. Like a lot of major brands, Dove is relating […]

Has a Pasta Cooker Ever Changed Anybody’s Life?

Hyperbolic sales claims are nothing new. Since the dawn of civilization people have been confronted with questionable claims meant to persuade them into a purchase. Shoppers in the marketplaces of ancient Greece probably didn’t believe the sandal salesman who insisted that he just bought these sandals for his mother last week, and today’s consumers are […]

Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is not necessarily a new tool in the marketer’s toolbox, but it has taken on a more prominent role in businesses’ marketing plans in recent years.  With the advent of social media and the continuous growth in the functionality and flexibility of websites, cause marketing is being brought the masses–and kept in front […]

Good for Goodness Sake, Part II

Last week we explored Cause Marketing with examples of corporations contributing to better the world by joining forces with non-profits and charities, while at the same time increasing brand recognition and employee loyalty. These examples showed that people are apt to buy from companies that align themselves with causes they care about. Today’s blog will talk about practical ways for small business owners to incorporate Cause Marketing into their business model.

Good for Goodness Sake

Cause marketing can be defined as an alliance between a business and a charity to market an image, product or service for mutual benefit. Research has shown time and again that consumers will support a company in their endeavors to raise money for a cause they believe in. Companies benefit financially through their associations, charities benefit from increase cash flow and volunteerism, and consumers benefit because they are doing something for the good of humanity.