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Local Search Management

More consumers today are turning to the internet first to find businesses in their area. As a business owner, you want to make sure that your business is showing up in local search results. Strategic Marketing knows the importance of business listing and local search management, and how to make sure you’re being found by prospective customers that are actively searching in your area. That’s why we created SmartList, our cost-effective local business listing program.

What do we mean by local search management?

Local search optimization and management is a form of online marketing that focuses on promoting products or services to local consumers who rely on a combination of poplar search engines, maps and business directories to find the best businesses in their area.  By focusing on local search management, your business listing information gets your company seen when consumers are interested in businesses near them.

Why is business listing management so important?

Prospective customers that are searching for you already have the intent to purchase and already know what they are looking for.  Local search optimization and business listing management with SmartList will make your business visible in those important moments when your prospects are actively searching, giving you the chance to increase your conversion rate.  Managing your business listing can also improve your ranking among search engine results, both on desktop and mobile searches.

Benefits of SmartList include:

  • Increased online visibility on multiple directories and search engines
  • Enhance listings with live links, photos, videos and business specifications such as business hours, areas served, products or service and social media links
  • The ability to edit your listing data to ensure your business’s information is always up-to-date and consistent across the internet
  • Saving time by avoiding the need to send your business listing data to individual directories


SmartList allows your business’s data to be controlled and managed on over 2,000 publishers, including online directories, search engines, maps and GPS systems (both aftermarket and OEM car navigation), and consumer review sites.  Contact us to learn more about the efficiency of our program and how it can help your business grow in your local market.