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Brand = You

world_wide_webWhether you’re a cupcake shop on the street corner or a multi-million dollar soft drink company, your business needs a brand. All respected and established companies have unique, recognizable brands. Having one of your own will elevate you above your competitors by letting your customers and prospects know that yours is a trusted mainstay in a competitive marketplace. It’s a promise to your customers of what they can expect.

So, what goes into the development of a unique brand? It begins with asking some questions. Who are you? Who is your target demographic? Are you a small, local business? Is your product or service high-end or more value for price? Why should customers come to you instead of your competitors?

Once you have the answers to these questions and any others you feel are relevant, ask yourself what customers want in a business or product like you provide. Make sure your brand speaks to those needs and assures your customer base that what you do is superior.

Next, have an experienced professional create a logo that integrates all these things. Remember, your logo is going to be the visual element that represents your brand. So make sure it looks professional. Your logo should be fully integrated into everything: packaging, advertising, website, social media, signage, stationery, packaging, etc. Anything to do with your business should bear your logo. And don’t stop there. Take it a step further. Create a unique tagline. Like “You deserve a break today” or “Just do it.” Everyone knows what products go with those taglines. Create one for yourself! Something memorable and catchy works best. And of course, it should solidify your brand messaging.

Seem overwhelming? Leave it to the professionals. Advertising and marketing agencies have years of experience and a staff of trained professionals ready and eager to help. Once you’ve developed this key messaging for your product or service, remember to always be true to your brand, because consistent use is key. Then sit back and watch the customers roll in!