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A full-service advertising agency can provide your business with an entire range of marketing tools and resources. Rather than going it alone, many businesses partner with an agency in order to improve the planning and execution of their marketing strategy. Effective advertising requires a holistic approach, one which exploits many forms of promotional activity to maximize the connection with the target audience. Choosing a full-service agency to help facilitate this approach will make your life easier while producing measurable results. Here are several important benefits that an advertising agency has to offer your business.

In-House Expertise

A full-service advertising agency typically employs with specialists in a variety of marketing mediums and practices. The experts employed by these agencies are those whose careers are invested in the art and science advertising. This means that you’ll be working with a team that has experience tackling many different campaigns with clients across a variety of industries. Agencies with creative and media departments use their knowledge and experience to develop campaigns that produce results and increase the efficiency of your marketing.

Time Savings

If you’re running a business, then you know the importance of time management. Sometimes we wish there were more hours in the day to focus on every aspect of our company. Hiring a full-service advertising agency can ensure that your team allocates enough time toward their primary functions. Leaving the marketing and ad campaigns to a dedicated agency, frees up more time to focus on your customers and the strategy of your business.

Use Your Advertising Budget Effectively

Are you making the most of your advertising budget? Since advertising agencies typically work with all different kinds of budgets, they can offer sound advice regarding your allocations. They can help you maximize your results while delivering optimal return on investment. Marketing agencies will choose the right metrics to measure your campaign’s success and use your advertising dollars most effectively.

Long-Term Strategic Partnership

Full-service advertising agencies provide just that, a service. As opposed to being just another supplier, agencies gain a better understanding of the markets you operate in, your products and service offerings, as well as your workflow methods, strategies, and preferences. This means that you can build a long-term partnership with an agency that understands your business along with the challenges you face.

Full-Service Advertising Agency in South Florida – Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing is a full-service advertising agency in South Florida, offering over 25 years of experience. We’ve delivered results to clients with a variety of different advertising and marketing strategies, both digital and traditional, across a number of industries. We have solutions for any point of your brand’s life cycle that can be custom tailored to meet your business’s individual needs. To learn more about how we can help your business, contact us today by calling (561) 688-8155 or visiting our contact page.

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media planning

Media planning is the process of selecting the ideal mix of media channels for your marketing message. It involves research, analysis, and properly allocating your budget. Media planning is a vital aspect of any marketing campaign, whether it’s print, television, radio or digital. The planning process is a time-consuming task that must be handled carefully in order to ensure the highest return on investment (ROI). There are proven methods that can help you determine the best combination of media to meet your business’s goals and objectives. If you’re brand new to media planning, it’s helpful to learn the dos and don’ts.

DO Understand Your Audience

One of the initial steps of media planning is to understand your audience. Conducting market research is a great way learn about your target demographic and ensure that your marketing strategy is designed to reach the right people. A thorough understanding of your audience requires awareness of how your customers typically find your business and where they’re most engaged with ad content. What type of information are they searching for? Do they go online or offline? What media channels are they accessing throughout their day? From here, media objectives can be established.

DO Establish Media Objectives

Once you have a solid understanding of your target audience and the market they’re in, it’s time to dig deep into the media space to determine which channels will be most effective for reaching said audience. Does your audience gravitate toward traditional media like television, print, radio, or newspapers? Are they immersed in digital media like mobile, social sites, and online videos? Consumers receive and engage with content in many different ways, both digitally and traditionally. As a result, it’s your primary mission to find the perfect media mix for reaching your target audience across various media channels.

DO Budget Appropriately

Optimizing your budget and staying within its constraints can be a challenging task. However, it’s imperative as a media planner that you not only determine how to advertise your brand’s message but that you cost-effectively allocate funds. Market analysis and understanding the advertising outlets that your audience consumes will help you decide how to spend the budget when media planning. Will you put 50% toward radio, 25% in mobile ads, 10% in billboards, and then the rest in social media? The call is yours but make sure that it’s a calculated call, and most definitely test your results and adjust the budget accordingly.

DON’T Leave Your Strategy

Under increasing pressure to meet your media objectives and deliver a return on investment, adhering to your strategy can become as great a challenge as originally creating it. As soon as numbers start to deviate from your goals and your focus is placed solely on conversions, it’s easy to subconsciously leave your strategy and forget what should be guiding your efforts. Great media planning relies on developing a dependable strategy and then having the willpower to stick to it.

DON’T Neglect an Omni-channel Approach

In today’s age of multiple screens and channels, people actively consume messaging from a variety of sources. When engaged in media planning, consider implementing an Omni-channel experience. This is a multi-channel approach to advertising that creates an integrated customer experience no matter how or where a customer finds you. This will give you a better chance of reaching all your customers because your ads will be cohesive and visible across multiple channels. For example, you can serve your audience an ad on their computer at work, then remind them later on their phone, then remind them even later on the radio during their drive home. Keep this approach in mind during your media planning.

DON’T Forget to Test and Track

Testing and tracking your media campaign is how you will determine success, as well as the adjustments that need to be made. This is the only way to really see improvement and determine the ROI of your marketing plan. Focus on the metrics that help you understand the impact of your efforts, narrowing it down to the most important numbers. Maybe it’s your conversion rates or lead count, but be sure to use that data to make the necessary changes to your media plan.

Partner with Strategic Marketing for Expert Media Planning

Strategic Marketing is a full-service advertising agency with years of experience planning and buying media for numerous clients. We utilize both established and innovative media tactics to ensure that your messages connect with your target audience in the most cost-effective way possible. We specialize in media planning for several different advertising outlets, such as television, radio, print, out-of-home, pay-per-click and display advertising. We can streamline the media planning process, saving you time and money to help maximize your ROI. To learn more, visit our website or contact us today by calling (561) 688-8155.

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Palm Beach Gardens, August 13, 2018– Strategic Marketing is happy to announce that they are the agency of record for BigShots Golf in Vero Beach, FL.  Opening at the end of the summer, this state-of-the-art golf and entertainment facility will be a can’t miss destination for family outings.

Located on 10 acres of land in Vero Beach, BigShots is a two-story family entertainment venue that offers a full-service restaurant, sports bar, private event space and 30 climate-controlled tee boxes with ball tracking technology.  BigShots looks to provide a fun, unique golf and entertainment experience while facilitating player advancement to the next level of the game. They have something for golfers of all skill levels and even non-golfers just looking to come out and have a good time. (more…)

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reputation management

Your business’s online reputation precedes you when it comes to consumer purchase decisions. That’s great news if your business has a strong reputation but can be a major issue if your reputation is less than stellar. While negative reviews can sting, they don’t have to prevent your business from reaching its highest potential. With the right reputation management strategy at the helm, you can put the bad reviews in the past and move your business forward. Thanks to social media and countless review sites, word of mouth travels fast. This makes reputation management crucial for growing your business and increasing your customer base. Read on to learn how an effective reputation management strategy can help your business as well as some best practices.

Build Trustworthiness Online

When the rubber meets the road, consumers trust people more than ads. Your online presence can become trusted and credible if customers have encouraging things to say about your business. Managing your reputation properly will keep your record clean by highlighting the positive aspects of your brand. A positive online reputation is powerful enough to establish your business as a dependable leader in its industry.

Enhance SEO Rankings

Not only do online shoppers trust people more than ads, Google and other search engines do as well. Search engines are smart enough to promote the best possible websites on the results page, and take into account what people have to say about your business via reviews and social media sites. A solid reputation management strategy can help to improve search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and result in higher rankings.

Increase Revenue

A trustworthy business coupled with high visibility in search engine results can lead to an increase in revenue. Purchase decisions may lean in your favor as long as consumers find value and credibility in what you have to offer. Reputation management will improve the chances of someone finding your business and becoming a loyal customer. Growing your customer base will grow your bottom line, so the impact of your online reputation is considerable.

Best Practices

When it comes to managing your online reputation, it’s important to be proactive rather than reactive. If you’re ready to build an effective reputation management strategy, there are several things to consider. Since your business’s reputation speaks volumes to potential customers, make sure that you implement best practices into your approach. We’ve outlined a few important ones here, so keep reading to learn how you can make the most of your online reputation.

Respond To Your Comments – Good and Bad

While responding to positive comments can be an enjoyable task, responding to negative ones is where it gets tricky. Negative reviews can be damaging to the reputation of your business, so make sure to address them. Offering a response in a timely manner and making a genuine effort to right any wrongs can reassure unhappy customers, encouraging them to return to your business. This is also appealing to outsiders who see that you’re a responsive company who cares about their customers.

Generate Plenty of Positive Reviews

Given their value to search engines, you’ll want as many positive reviews as possible. Your review generation tactics should go hand-in-hand with reputation management in order to keep these reviews positive. As mentioned, search engines prioritize websites that have consistent, relevant and unique customer reviews since this type of content is highly useful to consumers. An efficient way to approach review generation is with a platform that automates the customer survey process, generating reviews for your business around the clock.

Stay Attentive to Your Online Reputation

Although this may seem obvious, your online reputation needs to be managed full-time. There are online reputation management tools that makes this a very plausible task for your business. These tools are able to automatically survey the internet, monitoring issues and opportunities that can help your business build trust and credibility. Reputation management services can generate prompt customer feedback, alert your business when negative feedback is posted and allow you to showcase your brand in a positive light.

Powerful Reputation Management with SmartRep – Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing is a full-service advertising agency that has a solution for businesses looking to improve their online reputation. Our reputation management platform, SmartRep, allows your business to maximize positive customer feedback and easily handle potentially damaging reviews. Our automated software will publish positive reviews to various review sites and social media pages. This powerful reputation management software makes generating and managing online reviews simple, with an easy-to-use dashboard. To learn more about SmartRep, contact us today by calling (561) 688-8155.