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Behind Apple’s Enchanting 2013 Holiday Ad

Advertising by Apple once had soul. In the past, the tech company made strides appealing to our emotional side, reaching consumers through humor, clean visuals, and appealing to our humanity.

Back in 2006, they even used a personification of the Mac, played by actor Justin Long, to speak for the product itself and compare it to the PC. The ad campaign successfully showcased the calm confidence of the brand that ultimately revolutionized the look, feel, and direction of consumer technology.

Since Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, passed away, the company hailing from Cupertino, California has been treading unfamiliar ground and some claim, seems to have lost its way. No longer claiming novelty, Apple devices aren’t pushed as the focus in their latest pitches. A principal analyst at Forrester Research, Tracy Stokes, says “Apple is in a period of transition, almost in a state of pause, trying to figure out where it’s going, and the advertising reflects that.”

Now four years since the launch of the iPad, Apple faces scrutiny over when it will introduce its next hit product, even with its stock achieving a 52-week high this month.

So, to finish off a tricky year, Apple released a holiday ad titled “Misunderstood,” in which they revisit their former marketing charm with a quiet cinematic sequence that’s both relatable and profound.

Without giving too much away, the ad encourages us to have faith – it’ll pay off in the end.