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Back to School

Even if you don’t have kids, you probably couldn’t help but notice that it’s back-to-school time. Students may have a sliver of time left before they have to get back to hitting the books, but by this point in the summer, TV commercials have already been hard at work advertising back-to-school sales. It’s challenging to put a fresh spin on the same sale year after year, but one company has managed to do it.

In terms of creativity, we’re giving Target a nod for the best back to school TV campaign. From the whimsical visuals to the light-weight rendition of Queen’s Under Pressure, they’ve put together a cute, entertaining campaign. We don’t know how effective a campaign is until all the sales are over and the cash receipts are counted, but the creative in this case is top notch. They even found a way to avoid the sometimes overused concept of parents jumping for joy at the start of the school year, which was refreshing. It isn’t easy to reinvent the wheel every year, but Target’s creative team did a great job making a well-worn idea fresh again.