Ashley Boyle, Author at Strategic Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips to Boost Conversions

Getting lots of traffic to your website is great, but how beneficial is the traffic if your leads aren’t converting to customers? Conversion rate optimization (CRO) focuses on how businesses can create more positive impressions on their prospective customers and increase conversions. Of course, like other marketing tactics, you must adjust your conversion rate optimization […]

South Florida Online Advertising Tips

South Florida is a densely-populated area, and with millions of users accessing the internet and searching for particular products or services any time of day, many local businesses can utilize online advertising to reach prospective customers. However, aside from the large consumer population, many businesses are faced with a substantial amount of competition, as well. […]

How Video Production Can Be a Versatile Marketing Tool

Although video marketing can be considered its own separate campaign strategy, the process of video production can play an integral role in other marketing strategies you may already be employing. Whether it’s search engine optimization and content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing or any of the other marketing strategies out there, videos can be […]