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Are Super Bowl Commercials Worth $3 Million?

Even if the commercial is super sexy, has the hottest stars, or the cutest animals

Even if the commercial was the subject of office gossip for days before the Super Bowl and continues to get considerable hype in the media and be searched on the Web for days after

Even if the Super Bowl is the only TV program where you don’t rush to the bathroom or flip the channel during commercial breaks

Even if the spot was linked to several social media sites and was liked and retweeted by the masses…

Even if 50% of the 111 million people watching the Super Bowl are tuning in just for the commercials

Even if…

Will one thirty second commercial during the Super Bowl actually compel you to go out and buy a can of Coca Cola?

That is the three million dollar question.

For $100,000 per second is it worth it? Wouldn’t it be wiser to shoot for frequency with 30 prime time spots for the same amount?

Maybe companies advertising for the first time have more to gain? was virtually unknown prior to their first Super Bowl commercial in 2005, maintaining a flat 16% market share. Literally overnight, their share climbed to 25%. The following January it went from 25% to 32%, currently holding steady around 50%. Even though their commercials are notably sexy and controversial, you might be compelled to log on to their Website to watch the more risqué version. At the same time you will also receive special offers and might be tempted to register your domain.

On the other hand, the Mars Corporation must sell 6,329,406 Snicker bars to recoup their costs.

Bridgestone needs to sell 298,656 tires.

What if you spend all that money and everyone hates your commercial or takes offense to it and you are forced to pull it off the air?

What if the publicity you receive is when the commercial is voted “Worst Ad” of the Super Bowl?

Would that be worth $3 million dollars?

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