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Appealing to Consumers

As a result of active and demanding schedules, many of us are going mobile. Consumers want to be able to easily access business services online or information from their cellular device. That’s why having a mobile app for your business is imperative for today’s on-the-go lifestyle.

Take Walgreens for example. Walgreens’ app allows the consumer to use a variety of services at his or her convenience. Let’s pretend Carl the construction worker jammed his finger in a door and needs a heavy dose of Ibuprofen. No problem. With the Walgreens app, Carl can select his prescription pick-up location, scan the prescription Rx number, and choose a pick-up time. The app will even text Carl a reminder when his order is ready.

Consumers can also create photo products with the Walgreens app. Say Jane the bank teller wants to send her 65 year-old mother a Christmas card at the last minute with all the grandkids on it. It’s easy! She can pick the photo, size it to the card, create the look she wants with text and colors, and click the “Print to Walgreens” button at the bottom of her mobile screen. Walgreens will have her order ready in about an hour.

Great Clips Hair Salon is another business that uses an app to offer services for the client’s convenience. Picture Hank’s long blonde locks that his wife wants him to chop off for the big family reunion. To use the click-to-call feature, Hank can open the app, choose the salon nearest him, and click on the number provided. This feature makes it easy to make an appointment and avoid a long wait. If Hank’s already on the list, he could be next in line when he arrives.

According to Cera IT Inc., mobile app availability could reinforce your brand and increase sell-through. Businesses can increase awareness and build loyalty through the use of mobile apps. So if you’re Orville Redenbacher and consumers can’t pop popcorn from their phone, you better get on it, Orv.