Am I Still Going to Like the Way I Look? - Strategic Marketing

Am I Still Going to Like the Way I Look?

If you were in the market for voiceover talent with a gravelly, most-interesting-man-in-the-world-type of sound, you might soon have a new option. It will not come cheaply, though. George Zimmer, the founder, face and voice of Men’s Wearhouse for 40 years, is no longer the executive chairman of the well-established retail chain. Since he is not with the company anymore, if Men’s Wearhouse wants to keep using his voice in their commercials, they would have to pay $250,000 a year for the right to do so. It doesn’t sound like a bad gig if you can get it. Our concern, though, is not so much for George Zimmer, but for all those men who have enjoyed the reassurance for years now that they were going to like the way they looked. Will they still like the way they look? And who will guarantee it?