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Advertising’s Real “Mad Men”

As Sterling Cooper and Partners prepares its sales pitch for Burger Chef on AMC’s hit show “Mad Men,” the real advertising heroes of the era emerge. May of 1969 was a big summer for changing the way of advertising and marketing. Big companies like Heinz and McDonald’s were creating their famous logos and brands that are now known worldwide.

May 21, 1969 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Ketchup mogul Henry Heinz decided they needed a change. The previous “57 varieties” slogan and logo were a thing of the past and introduced the future plans for Heinz with a new and improved logo dropping the famous “57” for a sleeker look.

“You Deserve a Break Today.” Perhaps the most memorable ad for McDonald’s in the 1960s and 70s was created by Keith Reinhard. Adding to McDonald’s already prestigious name, this campaign took the newly national company to the next level with a series of commercials and advertisements using this slogan.

Don Draper was not the only big thinker of the era. These innovators changed the game of advertising for companies everywhere.