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5 Major Brands with Trademark Battles

Trademarking a slogan, word or catch phrase is a great way for people to remember and identify your brand. Everyone is familiar with trademarks like the McDonalds “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan or the Nike swoosh symbol, you can go anywhere in world and everyone will know those trademark symbols. Recently, companies like Victoria’s Secret, Kate Spade or celebrity Christiano Ronaldo have been under scrutiny for “stealing” their famous trademarks.

Victoria’s Secret is known for high-end intimates for both women and young girls and can easily be identified in malls with the pink bag and logo. Recently their teen line “Pink” has been going under attack for copying a London shirt company called Thomas Pink. A U.K court has ruled that Victoria’s Secret reissue their line, which has been featured since 2003, with a new name and color. Can you imagine a line called Red?

International soccer superstar from Portugal, Christiano Ronaldo released plans to launch his underwear line CR7 in the United States. Fitness guru Christopher Renzi is suing the soccer star for “stealing” his trademark name that he claims belongs to his line of fitness products. Another popular brand, Kate Spade, a high end purse, shoe and accessories company, has just won their trademark dispute. A rival, Saturday Surf, claims the iconic brand stole their trademark “Saturday” and used it for their new line of purses. Turns out since Saturday is a day of the week, it cannot be trademarked and can be used freely.

Genuine Tennessee and Diesel Power are also locked in lawsuits over trademarking claims. Will people forget you if you know longer have claim to a famous trademark? Perhaps Victoria’s Secret stores all over the world will turn red with envy from other competitors.