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360 Degrees Around the World

Here is one more way the internet has expanded the world of marketing. Thanks to Google, we can visit places all over the world without ever leaving our homes. We were all still pretty impressed with Google Street View when along came Google Business Photos. Google has enhanced its maps by taking us off the streets and inside local businesses with 360-degree tours of locations around the globe.

Google Business Photos is a nice marketing tool for businesses to which atmosphere is important, like waterfront restaurants, salons and home décor stores. Panama Hattie’s Seafood House is a North Palm Beach, Florida restaurant that is enticing consumers with a 360 degree tour, inside and out, of the waterfront property. The tour shows the extensive outdoor dining and entertainment area and might be the tipping point in a consumer’s decision to visit.

The state of Florida is also using Google Business Photos to showcase some of its best selling points – the beaches. Florida’s marketing agency, Visit Florida, has tasked a lucky team with walking the 825 miles of Florida beaches over the course of four months with the intent of panoramically photographing the view and sharing it with the world. Soon anyone who can click a map will be able to view the Florida beaches and see why they would want to book the next flight to West Palm Beach.

If your business is one that would benefit from letting consumers take a peek inside, Google Business Photos might be a good tool for you.