Enhance Marketing Efforts with Customer Retargeting

3 Types of Customer Retargeting and How They Can Work For Your Brand

Have you ever wondered why the pair of shoes you were shopping for a few days ago is now following you around the internet? It’s a highly effective tactic we call retargeting. Customer retargeting is a form of online advertising that puts your brand in front of internet users who have already demonstrated interest in your business, either by visiting your website or searching for your business’s product or service. With an average of only 2% of first-time website traffic converting to customers, retargeting helps your business reach the remaining 98% of prospective customers who are interested in what your business offers.

customer retargeting

There are several different types of customer retargeting, each providing the same result but through different methods. Below are a few of the most common forms of retargeting and how they can convert prospects to customers.

Site Retargeting

Site retargeting is the most common form of retargeting. Site retargeting starts with a piece of code that is added to your website, usually in the form of what’s called a “pixel,” that drops cookies into the browsers of your website’s visitors. When they are browsing the internet later on, they are served ads reminding them of your product or service.

When it comes to site retargeting, you’ll want to ensure you are not bombarding your visitors with your ads so they don’t feel hesitant to return to your website. The best way to utilize this form of online advertising is to tag only pages that are relevant to the conversion process. For example, adding the pixel to only shopping carts or product pages will effectively reach your high-intent visitors without being overly aggressive. It is also advised to set a frequency cap, which will limit the number of times a tagged user will see your ads, to prevent overexposure and decreased campaign performance.

Search Retargeting

Also known as SEM or SEO retargeting, this form of retargeting reaches users based on recent search queries rather than website visits. With search retargeting, your ads are shown to users who have entered specific keywords into search engines that relate to your brand, without them ever having to visit your website.

This type of advertising allows your business to evaluate the specific search terms that bring users to your website. By understanding exactly what your prospective customers want, you can tailor your ads, website and entire marketing strategies around the intent of your targeted audience to possibly increase your conversion rates.

CRM Retargeting

Unlike site and search retargeting, CRM retargeting uses offline data of past or prospective customers and displays your ads to them online. Typically email addresses or other contact info, the consumer data is imported into software that then begins tracking the individual’s online activity. While their activity is being tracked, your ads are being displayed along the way serving as reminders to visit your website.

CRM retargeting allows your business to reach highly targeted offline consumers or prior customers that you may have missed if you were pursuing only current online users. This is an increasingly popular and highly effective form of advertising because of its ability to link offline and online marketing strategies.

Why Do You Need Customer Retargeting?

With so many different marketing and advertising strategies being used to reach consumers, customer retargeting is arguably one of the most powerful tactics to increase conversion rates and acquire more customers. This form of advertising reaches high-intent consumers, making it easier for your ads to get them to convert.

Strategic Marketing offers customer retargeting services that can help to grow your customer base. Our team has the expertise to create retargeting ads that are easily recognizable by consumers, and we strategically place them in front of appropriate audiences, making it easy for them to follow through with the purchase cycle. Contact us today to learn more about our retargeting services, and find out how we can help grow your brand.

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