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April 15, 2011 by Strategic Marketing

You finally opened your own business. Mazal Tov.

Since you are going to have a ton of start up costs, you are going to need to cut corners whenever possible. Before you can even order business cards, put up a sign or create a website, you will need a logo. Why pay a graphic artist when you can save hundred or even thousands of dollars and design it yourself? A logo is a visual representation to aid and promote instant public recognition of a brand. It is used to gain credibility, recognition and visibility – basically, the very foundation upon which all future marketing efforts will be built upon.

Before you make a determination, consider the ramifications and perceptions about your brand that a bad logo can create:

An identity crisis – if your logo is not coordinated and consistent throughout all aspects of your marketing efforts

Unprofessional – if your logo looks great on paper, but horrible on an eight foot sign or a car wrap or if the graphic quality of your logo is not compatible on the web, your business will be perceived as amateurish

Unreliable – if your logo does not have a professional quality about it, people will perceive the same about the quality of work your business provides

Confusing – if you did not take the steps to completely think out your logo, it will start out as something and have to be changed to something else

On the other hand, a good logo will impart stability and reliability.

In closing, one of the first and ultimately, the smartest investments you can make in your business will be a professionally created and designed logo.